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Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

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At a Glance: Our Choices for Best Automatic Dog Feeder

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Technology and automation is creeping additional and extra into virtually each and every side of our lives and the puppy trade is not any other.

From GPS location collars, to well being and care monitoring cell phone apps, heated canine beds to virtual puppy ID tags, the sector of canine possession and generation has neatly and really collided.

One of probably the most helpful fresh advances in generation geared toward our pets is the digital, programmable automated canine feeder.

These units aren’t meant to fully substitute your care and a focus in the case of your pooch’s nutrition. They are to lend a useful hand to verify your canine’s wishes are catered for if you end up out of the house for a complete day, or want a extra ‘hands off’ technique to inflexible, common feed occasions.

Automatic puppy feeders are trendy, fashionable having a look items of apparatus that don’t glance misplaced in the house and are to be had in all kinds of colours and kinds, with many handy options for portion keep watch over and timing.

Read on for a dialogue of the perfect automated canine feeder fashions in the marketplace, why you could imagine buying one, when they’re helpful and the options to try for and a couple of to keep away from.


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What is an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automatic canine feeders are precisely what they sound like – dog food dispensers that disburse meals robotically both by means of digital pre-programming or by way of gravity.

They’re most often produced from two portions: a tumbler or plastic air tight hopper that comprises the meals prior to it’s launched, and a plastic, ceramic or chrome steel bowl that the meals is distributed into and that your canine eats out of.

Why Use an Automatic Dog Feeder? When are They Useful?

Automatic canine feeders will likely be a surprisingly helpful addition to somebody not able to decide to common canine feedings – which may be the aged or disabled, and even simply individuals who paintings clear of house, the ones on a shift foundation or the ones taking a brief become independent from from their house with out their canine.

They’re additionally a useful gizmo for homeowners having a look to keep watch over their canine’s weight and the quantity their canine eats. Electronic canine feeders will help you pre-program portion sizes and scheduled feedings so your canine will reap the well being advantages of consuming small, but common foods.

As such, they’re helpful in managing prerequisites like diabetes.

What Types of Automatic Dog Feeder Exist?

There are two major sorts of automated puppy feeder, with many permutations at the similar two elementary subject matters:

Gravity Pet Feeders

1519801973 173 best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

Gravity feeders are the least subtle form of automated canine feeder wherein each and every time your canine eats, meals will naturally crumple from the hopper into the bowl, replenishing what has been eaten.

As quickly because the bowl is complete, the dispenser won’t be able to liberate any further meals because the meals will likely be sponsored up into the hopper, fighting additional glide.

Advantages of Gravity Pet Feeders:

There’s no fiddly programming essential with a gravity feeder so you’ll be able to make sure that the mechanism won’t ever fail and your canine won’t ever pass over a meal.

Disadvantages of Gravity Pet Feeders:

Of path, the flipside to that is that your canine can have unrestricted get right of entry to to his meals which might simply result in overeating and its similar well being prerequisites, reminiscent of weight problems.

Electronic Pet Feeders

1519801973 579 best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

Electronic feeders are the most well liked form of automated feeder as they permit you general keep watch over over precisely how a lot your canine eats and when they may be able to consume it.

You wish to pre-program them with feeding occasions and measured portion sizes, then meals is robotically distributed accordingly, on the precise occasions and amounts you programmed.

Advantages of Electronic Pet Feeders:

The main receive advantages to digital feeders is the quantity of keep watch over you’ve over your canine’s feeding, irrespective of anyplace you occur to be provide at feeding time – it’s very best for weight keep watch over or the dealing with of prerequisites like hypoglycaemia, pancreatitis and diabetes as you’ll be able to be certain your canine enjoys small and common foods.

Eating such common balanced and regulated portion sizes guarantees that your canine received’t gorge on their meals – which might result in bloating and weight problems – and promotes simple digestion, in keeping with Petful.

It’s simple to overestimate portion sizes with homeowners simply going by way of sight on my own however an digital canine feeder guarantees parts are proper each and every time.

Disadvantages of Electronic Pet Feeders:

It’s at all times value doing all your analysis in the case of digital feeders and making an investment in a top quality product. Low high quality merchandise can lead to programming mistakes ensuing to your canine lacking a meal, being overfed or being underfed.

So be sure you most effective spend money on a competent, excellent high quality feeder, reminiscent of the ones reviewed additional on on this web page.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Dog Feeder – A Summary

Let’s temporarily summarise the primary advantages to the usage of an automated canine feeder, so you’ll be able to see at a look if it’s one thing you need to get pleasure from:

  • Automatic canine feeders be certain your canine will get fed irrespective of your individual location or cases. They by no means must pass over a meal!
  • Electronic canine feeders be offering added advantages like portion keep watch over and scheduled feeding. This makes it simple to control your canine’s weight and any similar scientific prerequisites.
  • Self-contained size and consuming bowl so there’s much less washing up and cleansing for you (no measuring cups to scrub and so forth.)
  • Eliminates the wish to ask pals or circle of relatives for favors, to come back feed your canine if you’re out for lengthy hours at some point.

Downsides to Using an Automatic Dog Feeder – Are There Any?

One complaint of automated puppy feeders is that they remove the advantages and coaching alternatives introduced by way of a ‘normal’ mealtime regimen wherein the landlord and canine spend high quality time in combination and coaching routines are enforced.

With an automated feeder, after all there is not any requirement for your canine to take a seat prior to they consume, for example.

You can counteract this by way of spending selection time in combination to bond and beef up their coaching. And you continue to have possession of and are supplier of many different issues your canine wishes, reminiscent of toys, workout, love and reward and so forth.

We’ve already mentioned the downsides to gravity feeders the place they permit your canine unrestricted get right of entry to to their meals – an issue except your canine could be very self-restrained with their consuming conduct (an extraordinary high quality!).

Taking this level under consideration, we suggest digital, measured parts, automated canine feeders most effective and NOT gravity primarily based ones.

What to Look for within the Best Automatic Dog Feeders

  • The skill to agenda a couple of foods each day.
  • Adjustable portion sizes so you’ll be able to perfect suit your canine’s wishes and conduct.
  • Different pace feeding modes so you’ll be able to keep watch over how briskly your canine eats.
  • Easy programming.
  • A hopper and bowl construction this is secure and simple to wash.
  • A forged design that received’t be tipped over by way of heavy paws.

Without additional ado, let’s check out – in our opinion – the most productive digital automated feeders to be had in the marketplace these days:

Our Pick of the Best Automatic Pet Feeder Models at the Market Today

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

1519801973 317 best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017


  • Up to 12 foods will also be scheduled each day.
  • Portion sizes are adjustable from 1/eight of a cup all of the manner as much as four cups and foods are served the usage of a conveyor belt facility to verify accuracy and portion keep watch over.
  • Possesses a ‘slow feed mode’ wherein foods are distributed over 15 mins. This prevents your canine from consuming too rapid and is helping to keep away from prerequisites like bloating or vomiting.
  • It additionally has an ‘immediate feed mode’ wherein the following set meal is distributed in an instant.
  • The ‘pause feed mode’ permits you to in an instant prevent feeding – say, in case your plans or agenda adjustments – with out dropping your programming, so it may be in an instant began once more if you’re able.
  • The bowl from which your canine eats is made from chrome steel and is dishwasher-safe. The hopper is produced from BPA-free plastic making sure protection and non-toxicity.
  • It’s a forged, heavy-duty design and not using a possibility of canine paws clawing their manner up into the hopper to take a look at and extract additional meals.


  • There is not any meals degree track to turn you the way a lot meals is left within the hopper or when the meals has run out. You must actively open the highest lid and regulate the extent to test it. But you’ll be able to see the extent during the plastic hopper rather merely simply by having a look, so this isn’t in point of fact a lot of an issue.

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Oxgord Automatic Electronic Timer Programmable Dog Feeder

1519801974 349 best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017

symbol courtesy of oxgord.com


  • It has a inbuilt voice recorder and speaker so you’ll be able to file your voice calling your puppy for meal occasions, thus restoring probably the most social time you fail to notice with an automated feeder.
  • There is an LCD show permitting for simple and transparent programming.
  • The hopper has a 45-cup capability and is translucent so it’s simple to test meals ranges.
  • It’s jam-proof with sensors put in to forestall any overloading.
  • It can’t be tipped over by way of curious canines looking for additional meals: there’s a pet-proof lock and a heavy backside base.
  • It’s simple to wash because the hopper and bowl simple detach and disassemble.
  • There is a low battery indicator telling you when it’s time to recharge.


  • Only one to 4 foods will also be scheduled according to day (although to be honest no canine will have to be consuming greater than four occasions according to day, normally no more than 2!).
  • The number of portion sizes allowed is minimum, stretching simply from ½ a cup to two ½ cups.
  • Changing the feeder’s batteries has been reported to lose the programmed feeding schedules, that means you could have to continuously reprogram.

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Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder Automated Pet Feeder

best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017


  • Able to dispense an enormous number of portion sizes, from one teaspoon all of the manner as much as 10 24 ml parts.
  • It can retailer as much as 1.14 gal of meals and is rendered ant-proof by way of the water tray on the base.
  • It’s the one automated feeder in the marketplace that may be operated by way of each DC and battery energy making sure you by no means want fear about energy failure.
  • It runs very quietly so your canine received’t be apprehensive by way of any loud noises.
  • Very simple to wash – the bowl is removable and dishwasher secure.
  • It comes with a 1 12 months producer’s restricted guaranty for any mechanical problems you could have.


  • The parts of the feeder aren’t as strong as the ones in the remainder of our alternatives. In specific, the motor can get caught on items of kibble! A unprecedented incidence and a negligible possibility with many reviewers more than pleased with this feeder. But one thing we will have to spotlight!

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Petnet GoodFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog and Cat

1519801974 266 best automatic dog feeder reviews top picks for 2017 - Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews – Top Picks for 2017


  • The USP of the Petnet GoodFeeder is that feeding – each schedules and portion sizes – will also be managed and scheduled remotely the usage of your iOS tool supplying you with larger keep watch over and versatility over your canine’s feeding conduct anyplace you occur to be on the planet.
  • It additionally supplies a singular dietary plan for your canine in keeping with their particular person wishes and specs to resolve the very best portion dimension and meals kind for them.
  • It will notify you with details about their feeding, meals degree and its personal battery existence and will also order and feature delivered your canine’s selected meals when ranges are low.
  • It runs very quietly and has a graceful design.
  • There is a chargeable backup battery in position in case the principle one runs down.
  • Both the hopper and the bowl are dishwasher secure.


  • The premise of the GoodFeeder is that it’s managed on-line by means of the cloud. This implies that you lose keep watch over over it once you lose a excellent WiFi connection.
  • Also, it could actually most effective be used at the side of an iOS tool, that means that this feeder is unnecessary for Android customers.

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While all of the above fashions have quite a few nice options, the transparent winner for us is indubitably the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simple Feed.

Although it won’t have the glitzy additional options of a integrated voice recorder, just like the Oxgord, or iOS far off keep watch over, just like the Petnet GoodFeeder, it’s dependable and sports activities the entire elementary necessities and extra of automated feeders, which probably the most different fashions are missing.

Most importantly, as much as 12 foods will also be scheduled an afternoon and all kinds of portion sizes will also be programmed, that means your canine’s wishes and conduct can simply be catered to. The speed-feeding settings permit you no longer most effective to keep watch over how a lot your canine eats, but additionally how briskly they consume, crucial in case your canine wolfs down dinner and is prone to bloating.

Finally, the Petsafe’s design is strong and its parts simple to wash. So for us, that is the most productive automated canine feeder in our opinion.

Unless said, product symbol credit: © Amazon.com

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