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The 6 Reasons You Are Ruining Your Dog’s “Stay” Command

the 6 reasons you are ruining your dogs stay command - The 6 Reasons You Are Ruining Your Dog’s “Stay” Command

The “Stay” command is regularly the “bane” of canine homeowners’ obedience coaching.

And, even those that get a good “stay,” regularly finally end up shedding it utterly.

It is lovely simple to grasp if you happen to learn those issues…

#1: You Never Taught Him Patience

The “stay” command is most likely the least rewarding or sure command you’ll be able to train your canine.

Simply put, to your canine to be told the command, he has to make the error of having up.

I a lot wish to praise just right conduct relatively than looking ahead to flawed or unhealthy conduct, after which correcting it.

So, although I do know that the canine on this example has to make a screw up (or a couple of) to be told this actual command, I nonetheless wish to set him up for luck.

When I’m on the brink of train “stay,” I love to praise my canine for being affected person.

If he can keep in his take a seat or his down, I will be able to click on and praise.

If he will get up, no giant deal, however he gained’t be rewarded.

I need him to remember that the act of “staying” and being affected person will deliver hefty rewards.

Once my canine has discovered this phenomenon, and I will paintings the period of time as much as a minute or extra, I believe like I will in the end train him endurance.

I wish to give him the abilities so as to accomplish this command prior to I upload the command and the correction.

I don’t suppose the rest is truthful.

I additionally see homeowners and canines who get extraordinarily pissed off with the old fashioned manner of “Give the command, correct the dog, take the dog back,” and this continues till one of the vital events simply provides up.

This is so much kinder, and you are going to be extra a success if you happen to give your canine some figuring out prior to the correction has to go into the equation.

#2: You Keep Getting Your Dog Up

This, sarcastically, is going proper together with the former instance.

As people, we’re such an impatient species.

We wish to gethe 6 reasons you are ruining your dogs stay command - The 6 Reasons You Are Ruining Your Dog’s “Stay” Command

t the whole thing carried out as rapid as imaginable so we will transfer directly to the following factor.

Impatience isn’t conducive to canine coaching.

When you’re impatient, you are going to have an impatient canine.

You don’t know the way time and again I see homeowners command a canine right into a conduct (“sit” or “down”), after which virtually in an instant ask for some other conduct.

I remember that for the canine to be told, he has to perform the conduct a couple of instances with some regularity.

However, if you’re continuously getting the canine to transport to be rewarded, the canine may have a difficult time with finding out to “stay.”

You were conditioning him to transport from one conduct to some other conduct with none workout or pause in between.

I love a affected person canine and a relaxed canine.

Whereas I like getting my canines to do pushups, and different amusing behaviors, I need my canines to remember that endurance or staying till I ask for some other conduct is a minimum of similarly, or, higher but, extra rewarding.

YOU want to discover ways to be calm and affected person while you educate!!!

Give him the chance to suppose and make possible choices.

Give him the chance to make errors.

Mistakes are an important to finding out however stay constant and affected person, and he’ll practice your cue.

#three: You Call Your Dog Out of a Stay

This is a HUGE downside!!!!!

So many homeowners get a half-hearted “stay” after which name the canine to return.

My different favourite is the landlord who sees his canine is set to rise up anyway, so he temporarily calls him to return like I gained’t realize, ha ha!

First of all, it isn’t about me.

You are rewarding the canine for creating a mistake.

Even if the canine isn’t absolutely up or hasn’t blown his “stay” but, his thoughts has already made the verdict.

You can right kind at this degree, or you’ll be able to praise.

If I see my canine draw back like he’s going to rise up, I will right kind and say “Ahhh” or “Nope” letting him know I see that he’s about to transport.

But if you happen to name him, you praise him for making an flawed selection.

Now, directly to the second one reason why it is a downside…

Dogs are nice at expecting what they suspect we would like!

This can paintings for your benefit for some coaching, however it’s going to smash your “stay.”

If you constantly name your canine out of the “stay,” he’s simply going to suppose you are going to name him anyway and he’s going to return to you.

Now, this is the harsh factor, it’s a must to right kind him for COMING TO YOU.

You by no means wish to right kind your canine for coming to you! And, if you happen to do it will have to be RARE.

Essentially you’re environment your canine up for failure.

By continuously calling him, you smash your keep.

To have a GREAT “stay,” you should go back to the canine 95% of the time and free up him from there.

To paintings on “come,” you don’t need to have a “stay” and, as I defined, I undoubtedly wouldn’t use it this manner regularly!

#four: You Think You Have to Beg Him the Whole Time

This is a fascinating phenomenon, however one I come upon A LOT in school.

People suppose they have got to speak to the canine the entire time the canine “stays.”

Nothing is farther from the reality!

In reality, you shouldn’t communicate to him!

1519319003 784 the 6 reasons you are ruining your dogs stay command - The 6 Reasons You Are Ruining Your Dog’s “Stay” Command

The canine will have to discover ways to accomplish this command without having you as a crutch.

At some level, it would be best to depart your canine in a “stay” and depart the room or do one thing else, and also you don’t wish to have to inform him “good dog” or “staaaaaaaay” each five seconds.

If he breaks, put him again, however you don’t want to communicate to him at all times.

Even the canine should suppose the landlord is loopy when they’re continuously giving the command or issuing reward, as a result of their common lifestyles is not anything like that!

It most likely freaks him out slightly bit.

Remember, identical to some other command, give him the cue after which implement it if it’s a must to; don’t make a large deal about it.

Yes, sometimes I will be able to quietly reward the canine, however it isn’t regularly.

I simplest use it if I believe he wishes a little bit of reassurance, however I don’t need him to want to depend on it.

I need him to have a very good and impartial “stay.”

When we educated Service Dogs, we’d now and again have them do down remains for hours at a time, getting them able for lifestyles with their new spouse. I will’t believe having to speak to them each three seconds for three hours!

#five: You Are Not Confident on this Command

This is the only command we all know their canine goes to blow.


Let him make a mistake so he can be told!

As we mentioned previous, this command needs to be damaged for a canine to be told.

Don’t spend such a lot time nervous about his failure.

Teach him endurance, after which it’s going to be fairer.

Then, inform him “STAY,” don’t ask.

It is humorous how such a lot of folks flip this command right into a query.

“Staaaaaaaaaay?”  “Staaaaaaay?”

You don’t give some other command that manner… how do you are expecting your canine to grasp if you happen to at all times give this command in any such wishy-washy manner?

Be assured and kindly handle any errors your canine makes.

#6: You Never Work it Long Enough

I to find with each my in-home coaching and categories, that the typical individual by no means works this conduct lengthy.

It is as though the basis will get began with the canine in a take a seat, on a leash, and the individual ultimately works to the tip of the leash, however past that, folks don’t see this as a an important command.

I believe the other.

I need my canine so as to do lengthy down remains, and out of sight down remains, and remains on their mattress.

Down remains and “stays” on the whole are nice behaviors to lend a hand canines loosen up and center of attention their power.

This is a conduct that needs to be constructed on and intermittently rewarded.

Meaning, it’s no amusing to make the canine do just longer and longer down remains.

Although that may paintings, it’s extra amusing if it is a sport and the canine by no means is aware of whether or not it’s going to be a 2 minute down keep, or a 10 minute down keep, or longer.

I love my canine coaching to be amusing!

I need my canine to wish to educate!

I additionally like a well-trained canine, and that takes effort and time!

You gets out of it, what you set into it!!

the 6 reasons you are ruining your dogs stay command - The 6 Reasons You Are Ruining Your Dog’s “Stay” Command

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