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Two Ways to Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely And One Mistake to Avoid

two ways to teach your dog to greet guests politely and one mistake to avoid - Two Ways to Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely And One Mistake to Avoid


Recently, I wrote an editorial titled “The #1 Secret to Getting Your Dog to Leave Your Guests Alone”. This is an important article.

There are some canine available in the market that are supposed to NEVER engage or greet your visitors.

Dogs with aggression problems, as an example, will have to now not be allowed to “greet” your visitors bodily. Forcing them, or encouraging them to accomplish that can lead to bites and aggression problems worsening.

However, for some canine, merely sitting at your ft (on leash) when visitors are over is secure and appropriate conduct.

Yes, some canine are so competitive, and so unpredictable, that permitting them shut to your visitors can spell bother. It may additionally threaten the lifetime of your canine, as they are able to be deemed “dangerous” and euthanized will have to a chew happen.

Err at the aspect of warning you probably have a canine like this.

It isn’t about “saving face” round folks, or allowing them to pass judgement on you and your canine.

It is set saving the existence or your canine!

I had a canine like this, and he spent his existence being leashed and realizing that taking his spot at my ft with out appearing any indicators of aggression used to be extremely fascinating conduct. It used to be additionally my task to construct his believe and to by no means permit folks shut sufficient to purpose him concern. This additionally stored him from ever being shut sufficient to chew. He died of most cancers on the ripe previous age of 11, having by no means bitten a soul (regardless of being an excessively concern competitive pet).

Although in my previous age, I want a a lot more managed and aloof canine, I keep in mind that a few of you wish to have a canine that may merely greet visitors courteously.

Certainly, it is a extremely fascinating trait in a canine.

But it’s one thing that wishes to learn!

Just like some other conduct, your canine does now not spring from the womb realizing how to greet your visitors courteously.

Let’s face it, your canine does now not know the that means of well mannered!

There are two primary techniques to educate your canine to forestall leaping up and courteously greet visitors. And, for it to paintings very best, it will have to be a mix of the 2!!!

1. On Leash

We have mentioned this at duration ahead of; the one means to actually have keep an eye on over your canine is to have him on a leash.

two ways to teach your dog to greet guests politely and one mistake to avoid - Two Ways to Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely And One Mistake to Avoid

Sure, there are running shoes available in the market who will strap a surprise collar to your canine and zap him when he is going to soar on a visitor.

I, on the other hand, don’t need my canine to affiliate visitors with ache; nor do I believe this type of coaching is productive; nor does it lend a hand them with true studying and working out.

The very best means is to put your canine on a leash, keep an eye on him, and stay him from leaping on visitors.

If your canine is rarely allowed to soar to your visitors, he’s going to start to forestall even attempting.

Let’s say I promise to pay you $10,000 when you by no means, ever permit your canine to soar on anyone. Would or not it’s value it to you? Read this https://thedogtrainingsecret.com/blog/dog-jumping-people/   Could you do it with that roughly payout presented? How about $100,000, or 1,000,000?

I’ll guess if there have been 1,000,000 greenbacks at the line, for such a very easy conduct, you can all at once be motivated to educate your canine to NEVER soar to your visitors.

I’ll additionally guess that you’d use a leash, a minimum of at first, when you are instructing and conditioning conduct.

2. Incompatible Behaviors

In my ultimate article, I mentioned how my canine can’t lie at my ft and soar on my visitors.

It is solely now not imaginable.

If my canine is mendacity down at my ft, he can’t be leaping on my visitors!

If my canine is mendacity down, he can’t soar in any respect.

If my canine is effectively sitting and stays seated, he too can now not be leaping on my visitors. I say “successfully” and “remains seated” as a result of it’s so simple for a canine to pass from sitting to leaping or status.

If 1,000,000 greenbacks used to be driving to your resolution to stay your canine from leaping, I’ll guess you can virtually by no means ask for him to take a seat.

Choosing the proper incompatible conduct is helping to situation your canine how to react to visitors.

Allowing your canine to make errors in truth prerequisites leaping and different excitable behaviors.

The #1 Mistake to Avoid

And, once more, I can reiterate from the ultimate article.


Do now not permit your visitors to give your canine the most efficient treats.

Do now not permit your visitors to inspire your canine to soar and be rewarded for doing so.

1523020905 348 two ways to teach your dog to greet guests politely and one mistake to avoid - Two Ways to Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely And One Mistake to Avoid

Do now not permit your canine to assume that anyone who visits is healthier than you!

When I educate pet coaching categories, I deliver the most efficient rewards. I take advantage of string cheese, hen breast, steak, and roast.

When I’m round, my pet oldsters haven’t any keep an eye on over their domestic dogs!

I will be able to take 98% of the ones domestic dogs from their homeowners and 98% beg to depart with me each and every week.

On the 3rd week, I indicate how irritating this conduct is for the landlord.

They will command their pet. I can stroll by means of, and the pet utterly stops doing no matter it’s doing and runs to my ft.

Now, as a canine teacher, it’s my task to take domestic dogs and educate behaviors.

I might be a foul teacher if I by no means demo’d with the domestic dogs in my categories.

However, the repercussion is infuriating to the homeowners.

On week 3, I level this out and inform them why; “I’VE CONSISTENTLY HAD THE BEST REWARDS AND REWARDED CONSISTENT BEHAVIORS.” I’m additionally new and thrilling and feature by no means corrected their domestic dogs. Their domestic dogs have by no means incurred my wrath or know anything else except for how very best I’m.

By permitting a canine to see this perfection in someone else or folks, you’re shedding the combat, if now not the struggle.

I would like my domestic dogs to assume I “hung the moon.”

I would like my pet and my canine to pay without equal consideration to me.

Sure, a stranger or a pal may give my canine a biscuit; however I don’t need her or him to give one thing of high-value.

High-value rewards and high-value video games come from me!

No exceptions.

By instructing my canine this straightforward trick, and persistently rewarding just right conduct, I stay them paying consideration to me!

They would possibly consult with my visitor for a brief “hello,” however they at all times have me of their line of sight and are able at a second’s realize if I give them the chance for a deal with and a jackpot thru an obedience command!

the 1 secret to getting your dog to leave your guests alone - Two Ways to Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely And One Mistake to Avoid

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